Our community, united in our Orthodox Christian faith, aspires to live a Christ-centered life as set forth by our Holy Tradition. Strengthened by our Hellenic culture and the actions and sacrifices of our Greek-American founders and predecessors, we live as one, multicultural parish family sharing Christ’s love in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Core Values

We renew our faith continually through active participation in worship, sacraments, discipleship and prayer,

We experience a sense of acceptance, joy, peace, belonging and “koinonia” to all in our community and to all those that walk through our doors as one family,

We follow Jesus’ command to “Go Forth” by sharing Christ’s love beyond our cathedral walls to those in physical and spiritual need.

We are responsible to inspire and teach future generations on the traditions and values of living our Orthodox faith.

We commit, in thanksgiving, our time, talent and treasure to support our cathedral by safeguarding the ministerial, physical and financial needs to ensure the health of His Church and to further the Gospel message now and in the future, and

We create an environment where we respect our collective cultural identities while celebrating our Hellenic traditions, history, language and heritage.

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