Our Parish Council

Our Parish Council meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.


  • Harry Ruska, President
  • Peter Patitsas, Vice-President
  • Nikos Haritos, Treasurer
  • Debbie Geldis, Asst. Treasurer
  • Sharon Black, Secretary
  • Jimmy Schooley, Asst. Secretary


  • Steve Anasis
  • John Bizios
  • Dr. Alice Epitropoulos
  • Peter Gardikes
  • John Georgiton
  • Bill Gesouras
  • Dr. John Koutras
  • Terry Morgan
  • Craig Nagy
  • Tommy Pappas
  • Deborah Pries
  • George Proicou
  • Stacey Stathulis
  • Paul Tela
  • Jimmy Sicaras
  • Dino Soulas



Budget, Capital Allocation, Audit

Niko Haritos (Chair)
Debbie Geldis
John Georgiton
Bill Gesouras
Peter Gardikes


PR/Media, Charioteer, Political/Civic

Stacey Stathulis (Chair)
Tom Pappas

Internal Ministries

Support the Ministries that focus on the Annunciation Community: St. Matrona, Youth Programs, Bookstore, Lenten Activities, Philoptochos, 50 Plus, Young Professionals, Spiritual Renewal, Education, Dance Group, etc.

Terry Morgan (Chair)
Dr. John Koutras
Jimmy Schooley
George Proicou
Peter Gardikes
Sharon Black

External Ministries

Support the Ministries that focus on outside the Annunciation Community: FOCUS, Outreach, Homeless Meals, Sigma Epsilon Phi, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Diakonia, Welcoming Committee

Peter Patitsas (Chair)
Deborah Pries
Sharon Black
Craig Nagy
Athena Patitsas
Steve Anasis


Harry Ruska
Craig Nagy
Tommy Pappas
Tonia Soulas


Facility Maintenance, Internal systems, Office equipment

Debbie Geldis (Chair)
Bill Gesouras
Jimmy Sicarias
John Georgiton
Dino Soulas

Operational Services

Human Resources, Parish Safety, Special Events, Scholarships

Sharon Black (Chair)
Dr. John Koutras
Dr. Alice Epitropoulos
Niko Haritos
George Proicou
Jan Teter

Parish Sustainability

Stewardship, Fundraising, Membership

Stacey Stathulis (Chair)
Deborah Pries
Craig Nagy
Helen Rankin*

* Denotes Non-Parish Council Volunteers