Cathedral Ministries

Current Ministry Opportunities

We support these various groups through volunteering, raising money and or materials, and by creating awareness of support groups, charities and organizations. These change throughout the year.
Click below to see a current list of special opportunities in which many of our Annunciation Organizations participate.

Current Ministry Opportunities

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How to get involved

Welcoming Committee

We constantly receive visitors and new members to our community. We actively seek to welcome and make anyone who comes to worship feel at home, settled and comfortable. Our greeters are available to help.

The Welcoming Committee has two goals:

  • Greeting On Sunday
  • Helping New Parishioners settle in to our Annunciation Community

For more information or to get involved contact the Cathedral Office.


Church Beautification Ministry

We give an offering of beauty and spiritual fragrance of Flowers in the Cathedral especially by beautifying our Icons for Christmas, all of Lent & Holy Week, the Annunciation Feast Day and the Dormition.
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Fr. Demetrios.

Everlasting Giving Ministry

The Annunciation Everlasting Giving Ministry was established in 2013 as a ministry of the church to assist parishioners in establishing a long-lasting gift as a testament to their love for God’s church.

The Ministry provides “no obligation” legal, financial and end of life planning resources to our parish family for establishing estate plans, Orthodox living wills and other planning directives. The Ministry also provides resources for tax-advantaged financial planning and charitable giving opportunities.

For more information contact the Cathedral Office.

Everlasting Giving Brochure

Shut-In and Hospital Visitations

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Fr. Demetrios.

Prosforo Bakers

If you are interested to bake Prosfora as an offering and for use in the Divine Liturgy, please contact Fr. Demetrios.


Bible Study and Orthodox Studies

Click below to view the Sunday Bulletin for Scheduled meeting times and topics.

Sunday Bulletin

College and Young Adult Ministries

Whether Columbus is home or home away from home, these ministries offer any student support and fellowship with other local Orthodox students, as well as with local professionals.

  • College Outreach
  • OCF at OSU Campus
  • Visit

  • Sigma Epsilon Phi

For more information contact the Cathedral Office.

Young Professionals (YoPro)

A group for Graduate students and young professionals looking for mutual support and fellowship.
For more information contact the Cathedral Office.

Chanters (Psalti)

Interested in learning Byzantine Chant and to sustain our music ministry?
For information, please talk to Vasilis Konstantinidis or contact the Cathedral Office

Ages Initiatives Website

Grounds Beautification

Want to help keep the Cathedral grounds beautiful?
We are looking for volunteers to take direction from our Cathedral staff to maintain and beautify our Cathedral grounds.

For more information contact the Cathedral Office.

Greek Festival Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in getting involved, click below for our Greek Festival contact page.

Festival Contact Page

Homeless Meals and Food Drives

Many of our organizations within Annunciation community give back to the greater Columbus community through a variety of shelters and food banks, as well as other charitable organizations. For instance, on a regular basis and especially at certain major holidays, we cook, deliver and serve meals.

For more information contact the Cathedral Office.

Celebrating God’s Creation

To teach, through communication and action, that everything that lives and breathes is sacred and beautiful in the eyes of God and that the whole world is a sacrament.

For information, please talk to Presvytera Evangeline Baron, Diane Chakalis or Helen Rankin.

Celebrating God’s Creation Website

We have discussed how we can better serve the Columbus Community. The Annunciation community seeks to leverage our collective gifts and talents. We seek to compliment services we are already providing and better serve the needs of our local community. Please consider getting involved in one of our joint out-reach projects:


Through the provision of services locally, FOCUS Columbus helps the poor and needy here in Columbus. We bring communities, parishes, and partners together in hands-on activities – uniting giver and the underserved — to help transform all of our lives and break the cycle of poverty that afflicts so many in our society.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Nathan Smith

FOCUS Columbus Website

St. Matrona Miracles of God Ministries

“Welcoming People with all ABILITIES”
This special ministry has been established to assist all those of the Cathedral with special needs, easy access to services and information. Our goal is to provide help and awareness where needed. Monthly meetings provide an opportunity for prayer, fellowship and a chance to share ideas.

For more information, please talk to Presvytera Eleni Stavropoulos, Terry Morgan or Steve Anasis or contact the Cathedral Office.

Cathedral Office Information:

555 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 224-9020

You can now use your credit card to make donations to the Cathedral and help support its works and ministries. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you and may God bless you!