Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer Program (EFT)

Dearly Beloved Annunciation Cathedral Family,

We are now offering automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to allow you to contribute to your Stewardship pledge on a monthly basis directly from either your checking or savings account.

By participating in this new program, you will no longer need to mail a check to the Cathedral office or have to remember to bring your stewardship envelope with you to church on Sunday. Rather, we will automatically withdraw your monthly contribution from either your checking or savings account every month. Your stewardship pledge will automatically be credited.

There is no cost to you to participate in this program and it is very secure. Federal consumer safeguard regulations are even more stringent for EFT than when you pay by check, which means that EFT is more secure than conventional checking.

You can change the amount deducted or cancel the automatic deduction at any time by contacting the Cathedral office.

To register for EFT simply:

  1. Complete the enrollment form. Download and print the form here (or pick up a form at church).   Download & Print Form
  2. Place your completed form in the provided envelope. If you choose to pay with the checking account option, please enclose a voided check.
  3. Mail to this address:
    Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
    555 N High St.
    Columbus, OH 43215

We hope you will consider registering and take advantage of the convenience offered by this new program. Please do not hesitate to contact any Parish Council member if you have any questions or concerns.