At the end of World War I, the Greek Community
joined in the victory celebration, with special meaning
placed upon the Greek nation's own war of independence.
The following item appeared in the Columbus Dis-
patch for April 6, 1919:

A telegram sent to President Wilson in Paris, France,
asking the American delegates at the Peace Conference
to work for the freedom of all men of Grecian blood.

The anniversary will be celebrated of the victory resulting from the Greek War of Independence by the Greek Community of Columbus, Ohio, on Monday at the Greek Church, 186 South Third St.

The telegram was signed by:
Mayor Karb Milton W. Westlake, President of City Council Senators Jones and Lloyd Henry A. Williams, President Chamber of Commerce
Rev. Haralampos Adriopulos, Priest of the Community
A. J. Freemas, President of the Community
James Kouropolos, Secretary of the Community.

On May 1, 1919, the following men were named to
the first Board of Trustees of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Annunciation: Angel Freemas* Nick Coumanter*

This building, now occupied by the Third Street Mission, was the first Church of "The Annunciation." Located at 186 South Third Street, the building was rented from the Masons.Regular church services were begun here in 1913 and continued until it was replaced by the present building on North Park Street.


William Chakeres* Louis Anast, K. B. Pappanikolaou, D. Petrides, Peter Brown, A. Chakeres*

The first wedding in the new church was that of Mr. & Mrs George Petess on May 21, 1922. Six months later they donated a bell for the tower. This bell proved to be too small so they purchased a larger bell in 1924 which is still in use.

Grateful to the late Mr. Bouzon for his generosity the community declared that May 21, 1920, be known as Historic Day, because of the bequest of Michael Bouzon the community had been able to purchase lots 536 with two houses on them for $16.000 .

At the time the ground-breaking ceremonies for the
new church were held , the church's treasury mounted to $8,000 dollars was borrowed from Columbian Building and Loan, with all the members of the Board signing personal notes, as the banks did not loan money to churches at that time. In addition to the bank loans two fund-raising campaigns were conducted , one in Columbus, and one in neighboring central Ohio towns which enabled the church to be completed. The chandeliers, icons, altar, holy lights. Bishop's Throne, church bells, windows, etc" were all donated by the Greek people of the area.

Plans for the new church had been drawn up by an architect from York - Mr- Katcharis - for the sum of $500. In order to save money the Board of Trustees decided to supervise the building program themselves and a contractor was hired to oversee the work.

Of invaluable service to the community during this construction period was the priest the Reverend Kitillos Georgiades. He handled the financial affairs of the church paying the laborers, purchasing materials and keeping the books of the new building.

In addition to all the Board of Trustees decided in July, 1920, to start a community Greek School with Father Georgiades as the teacher. This was the beginning of what we now know as Sunday school, since religion was one of the main subjects of the Greek School program. The tuition was from two to five dollars depending upon the number of children in a family attending classes. Father Georgiades salary was $110 a month plus $40 for teaching Greek school.

The dreams and plans of the early immigrants came
true on March 25, 1922, when the Greek Orthodox
Church, the Annunciation, was completed. The first service was held in the new church on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1922, with Reverend Georgiades chanting the Divine The Officers and Board of Trustees during the construction of the church were:

President—Angel Freemas* Vice President—Louis Anast Treasurer—Emanuel Petropoulos* Secretary—The Rev. Kyrillos Georgides* Board Members—Peter Kallantzopoulos* (Brown), Anthony Zanetos, Angelo, Georgekokopoulos, Michael Naum*, Procopios Zaharopoulos.

In 1927, five years after the opening of the new church, Reverend Kyrillos Georgiades organized the women of community into the organization EIpis for the purpose of assisting the church in any way necessary and also


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