The following history of the Greek Community of Columbus, Ohio, was compiled by several methods and by a number of people. Three separate committees were appointed, as follows:

Historical Background: Chairman, Mrs. George Pappas; Co-Chairman, Mrs. Thomas Kanatas.

This group was to contact all the elders of the Church and obtain information from them regarding the beginning of the Church, before it was formally organized, and minutes kept.

Research: Chairman, Mrs. George Lias; Co-Chairman, Mrs. Tom Saris.

Their function was to read all the minutes of the Church available from 1910 until the present time and compile all important data relating to the development and organization of the Church. Mrs. Saris read and translated all the Greek minutes. and Mrs. Lias all those written in English. They, indeed, had a very difficult task.

Pictures: Chairman, Mrs. John Chakeres; Co-Chairman, Miss Bess Karres.

Any pictures of general interest, and especially of the beginning years, were to be collected and those suitable published with the history of the Church.

In addition to these sources of information, your editor added to this, by requesting every organization of the Community to send a brief history of its group, together with the names of the first officers and any out- standing events that they thought might be pertinent. Unfortunately, the response was not complete.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to


and photographs. Much of the material was obtained from the records of the Church, newspapers, from a paper written by Anthony Zanetos entitled "The Establishment of the Greek Community and Greek Orthodox Church of Columbus, Ohio, from the magazine, "Churches in the Buckeye Country," and an article by Father George H. Zoganas, D.D., "Eastern Orthodoxy," also from a booklet, "The Greek Orthodox Church Annunciation," by Archi- mandrite Stephen Lavriotis.

It seems proper to mention at this time that the Historical Background Committee invited all elder members of the Community to participate in a luncheon and open meeting, held on Sunday, October 29, 1961, after Church services. The purpose was to have a round table discussion of the years prior to 1910, when no written records were available. When you read the history. the information on the early years came as a result of that meeting. Although many were unable to attend, those who did were very helpful, and we thank each one of them. They were:

Mr. and Mrs. George Pappas Mrs. Katherine Prapas
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kussurelis
Louis Petropoulos
Mike Genoozis
Dr. C. H. Solomonides
William Petrakis
Mrs. Christine Roumeliote
George P. Brown
Anthony Zanetos
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Anast
Mrs. Stella W. Cannell
Mr. and Mrs. George Petess
Constantine Poulos
Louis Sotis
Angel J. Alexander

During the conversation the names of those who came here prior to 1910 were discussed and these are the results. We remind the readers that we know this is by no means a complete list, but only those names that were remembered at that time are listed.

Any omissions or errors are unintentional.

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