Anthony Zanetos

The following is the history of the beginnings
of our Community and is true in every detail, as the
writer was one of the founders and a Charter Member
of our Community, he served the Community and Church
for many years as a member on the Board of Trustees
and twice as President, and was a member of the
Building Committee for our present Church.

This article has been written especially for the
present younger generation, and future generations,
in order that our sons and daughters may be aware of
the fact that the first efforts of their parents, who
settled in this city, were to establish a Community,
and from there plan and build a Church for their
religious needs. With great effort and much
patience, and with the large donation of the great
benefactor, Mr. Michael Boozos, their dream
materialized and became a reality. The project they
had begun a few years back was finally completed.

For forty years, our Community progressed
because all of its members were united as if they
were of a single family. It is now up to this new
generation and the generations that are to come to
continue what their fathers created and to once again
bring peace and love to our fine Community.

This is what the people love and what God

The History of Our Church and Community
1910 to 1920

During the year 1910, the Greek people of
Columbus, Ohio, decided to organize in order to be
in position to establish a Greek Orthodox Church.
An organization was formed, officers were elected
and the first president of this new organization
was Lambros Mandros.

The first thing they accomplished was to
obtain a charter from the State of Ohio — the
purpose in obtaining this charter being to es-
tablish a church to be called EVANGELISMOS TIS
THEOTOKOU. The charter was signed by Lambros Mandros, Charles Makris, Angel Alexopulos, Anthony Tzanetopulos, and Louis Anast.

Three years later, a temporary committee was
appointed, which committee took steps to establish
a church. First, the Masonic Temple, located on
South Third Street near Town Street, was rented
for twenty-five dollars a month. The necessary
paraphernalia for the church were purchased from
Greek ecclesiastical stores in New York City. A
Greek Orthodox priest. Father Nathaniel Shideres,
was hired and services commenced.

That same year - 1913 - it was decided to hold
the first elections for officers of the Community.
At that time, the Greek Community of Columbus con-
sisted of about twenty-five to thirty families;
and besides those families many Greek bachelors
employed by the railroad were living in this

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