During the time the Church was being built, two
fund-raising campaigns were conducted -- one in the
City of Columbus and one in other Ohio cities. With
all this money, that obtained from the bank and
that raised in the fund-raising campaigns, the
Church was completed. Then, the Greek people
donated all necessary items - chandeliers, icons,
altar, holy lights. Bishop's Throne, church bells,
windows, etc.

Plans for the Church had been drawn up by an
architect from New York, Mr. Katcheris, for the
sum of five hundred dollars. In order to save
money, the Board decided to supervise the building
progress; a contractor was hired to oversee the work.
The priest at that time was the late Father Kyrillos
Georgides. Words cannot describe how valuable
this man was to the Community. Because most
people at that time had very little schooling,
• he took care of all the book-work. He kept the
books for the building, paid the laborers,
ordered and paid for materials. And he was
eighty years of age!

This is the history of our Church from 1910 to 1920.


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