The History of

Greek Orthodox Church, Columbus, Ohio

This Web-Page contains three sections:

1.    A booklet compiled in 1935 during the service of our 9th clergyman, Archmandrite Stephanos Lavriotis who was          serving the Greek Orthodox Community of Columbus, Ohio.

2.    A number of pages from a 1915 Greek directory and the names of some 1912 Greek businesses.

3.    Finally at the end of this presentation are five pages from a 1960 booklet written by Mr. Anthony Zanetos: "History of     Founding of Hellenic Orthodox Church"

As a gift of love and in order to preserve and propagate our Greek Orthodox History all pages that follow were digitized in December 2009 by: Kosmas Geo. Synadinos

I wish to thank my wife Diana (Steele) Synadinos for her invaluable help and guidance in compiling the information that follows below from Albums and other historical documents and artifacts she collects and keeps as the archivist for the The Annunciation's Cathedral Archives.

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