One man who realized his dream in America was Alex Bleas. Arriving in Columbus in 1917 with his wife, Mary, he began working in a shoe factory. At the same time he was learning shoe construction, he was also working on improving his English. He finally opened his own shoe repair shop on the West side, but his dream was not yet complete. It came about when he finally purchased a home on Grubb Street that had ample space for his growing family and the shoe repair shop. He remained at this location the rest of his life. An active member of the Greek Church since it first opened, Alex took a special interest in the young people and supported the GAPA band enthusiastically. A self-taught man, he embraced learning, was patriotic, loved his church and family, and taught his children many of the high ideals he believed in.

And who can forget the generosity of certain prosperous business-men. Jim Cannell had the good fortune of doing well in the baking business and provided many jobs for newcomers. He also was remembered for giving financial assistance to help his fellow Greeks get started in their own businesses.

The bakery was a sort of gathering place where Greek men could meet and talk. The large ovens were also used to roast lambs for special occasions.

In the early 1930s a Greek man who had a farm near Sinking Springs, Ohio, invited all of his friends from Columbus to drive down for a weekend. It was a celebration honoring a baptism.

It was a big deal for the kids, the idea I of camping out overnight. The two days were ( filled with relaxing good fellowship and lots of roast lamb.

Front row, L. to R.: Elpinicky Condas, Beulah Zanetos, Bessie Stamas, Christine Chakeres, Lula Tornik, Helen Condas, Mary Tornik; Middle row, L. to R.: Mary Bleas, Christine Tornik, Niki Gunias, Infant Tornik, Esther Brown, Anna Fotopoulos; Back row, L. to R.: loanna Condas, Irene Tornik, Panayiota Brown, Lula Zanetos

These ladies prepared box lunches that were eaten picnic-style in Glengary Park on Sunbury Road in the late 1930s. Front row, L. to R.: Mrs. Louis Anast, Mrs. Teppes, Mary Sariotis, Christina Tornik, Esther Brown, loanna Condas, Mrs. Markopoulos; Back row, L. to R.: Lula Zanetos, Sophia Kussurelis, Penelope Duffis loanna Pathis, Lula Zaglanis, Georgia Mattis

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