Kosmas Geo. Synadinos
Just another immigrant.

Born in Stemnitsa, Gortynias, Arcadia, Greece, 3-5-1933, to George A. and Dorothea (Karalis) Synadinos.

The father had also immigrated to America in 1907 at age of 17. He was employed at Timken Roller Bearing and in Canton, Ohio where his brother was well established as a jeweler. Canton, Ohio had many immigrants from Stemnitsa and to this day one can find there many families with roots from Stemnitsa.

The father returned to Greece in 1929 with enough funds to purchase real-estate in Athens, investment securities and, property in Stemnitsa. The father died in 1941 during the German occupation.

At the end of the war Kosmas decided to emulate his father's way of life so he immigrated to America in June 14, 1954 and lived with his uncle Andy A. Synadinos in Covington , Kentucky and later in Cincinnati, Ohio. Worked as a waiter and bar-tender and went to a Radio-TV technical school at night. After working as an electronic technician for Baldwin and Wurlitzer companies decided at age of 32 to become a freshman in Electrical Engineering at O.S.U., Columbus, ohio.

In 1963 married one of his dancing class students, Diana Steele, from Goshen, Ohio, Clermont County. Moved to Columbus and after graduating from OSU with an Electrical Engineering worked at Western electric for 25 years. The have two sons Yorgo and Pavlo.

Since 1982 became a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, in Columbus, Ohio, and starting at 1986 began videotaping many of the noteworthy events of the church community resulting in the issuance of many video cassettes which were sold to the community and all the proceeds went to the church. Served in the Parish Council a number of terms. He and wife Diana published the church magazine "Charioteer" for many years. Taught greek at the church and was one of seven members in Project Paideia responsible for the OSU Greek Language Department and one of six members establishing the "Greek Festival". Kosmas and Diana were and are heavily involved in maintaining and propagating our Orthodox faith and documenting the history of the community. Diana spends practically every day working in the organization and enhancement of the community's history being the Archivist.

This work is a gift to our community. May the Lord guide our descendants to continue in this effort.

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