Diana Synadinos was born Diana Steele,
near Goshen, Ohio, in 1941.

She graduated from Goshen High School in 1959. While living and working in Cincinnati, she met Mikis Synadinos, who swept her off her feet to Athens, Greece, where they were married in 1963. The visit to her husband's village of Stemnitsa sparked Diana's interest in the village folklore. She was intrigued by the beautifully crafted Greek costumes, which led her to costume copying, photography, and speaking engagements on village life.

Diana and Mikis have two sons, George Damian (Yorgo). and Pavlo. The family has made several excursions to Greece to visit relatives and become part of the Greek life.
Diana has used each visit to extend her knowledge of Greek culture.

Since her arrival in Columbus in 1965, Diana has involved herself in various aspects of our community. Her know-ledge of Greek traditions, language, and religion is a remarkable feat for one who was neither born nor raised in a Greek home. She enjoys clothing design and sewing, doll making, videotaping, reading, writing, and studying the writings of prominent Christian thinkers.

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